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Athletes are always trying to find ways to excel in their sport. Many seek out the latest workout and diet advice, and some want the best footwear to help them with their speed or their jump. Many athletes are also concerned about their eyesight. You may have heard the term “sports vision” but not understand exactly what it means.

Sports Vision From Williston Optometry

What Is Sports Vision?
Sports vision refers to the degree of visual acuity that an athlete has during competition. It also refers to the testing methods that are used to identify any issues that prevent the athlete from seeing their best. Finally, it refers to the methods that can be used to enhance an athlete's vision.
What Athletes Can Benefit From Sports Vision Training and Testing?
Many sports rely on an athlete's vision and coordination. Basketball, baseball, golf, and tennis are just a few sports that require excellent focusing ability, depth perception, and tracking skills. If an athlete is able to hone these abilities, they can excel in their sport.
Why Would An Athlete Be Concerned About Sports Vision If They Have 20/20 Vision?
Having 20/20 vision means that you are seeing as well as you are expected to see at various distances. With the aid of sports vision training, an athlete is capable of seeing 20/15 or better.
How Does An Optometrist Evaluate an Athlete's Sports Vision?
There are a few sports vision tests that are performed during the evaluation.
    • Snellen eye chart to test visual acuity
    • Hirschberg testing to check the eye alignment
    • Saladin Near Point Balance Card testing for amblyopia, depth perception, contrast sensitivity, and visual processing ability
What Type Of Sports Vision Treatments Are Available?
If an athlete's optometrist determines that their sports vision could use a boost, there are a few treatment methods available for their specific weakness. These include:
    • Tinted glasses to enhance contrast
    • Specialized exercises to train the eye muscles to increase the athlete's ability to focus
    • Digital simulator training to speed up the athlete's visual processing ability
The vision treatment programs are designed so that athletes can run drills at home or in the gym. For higher levels of training, the optometrist may recommend in-office or one-on-one sessions.
At What Age Can Sports Visual Training Begin?
Children as young as 8-years-old can benefit from a sports vision evaluation. If a child is into sports, improving their sports vision can improve their game.
If you are a professional athlete or just a weekend warrior, you can benefit greatly from a sports vision evaluation, and if necessary, sports vision training. To schedule an appointment, contact Williston Optometry. We offer typical eye care services as well as sports vision evaluations. If you are looking to improve your game, you should start with your vision.  


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