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At Williston Optometry, each member of our vision care team is selected by Dr. Thomas Clark based upon his or her experience, professional demeanor, and dedication to providing personalized care to our optometry patients.

Our entire Williston optometry staff is committed to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of each and every patient. We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointment times that meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff at Williston Optometry will work with you to help you understand your vision insurance coverage and provide financial alternatives to ensure you get the best vision care possible.

We know that you have a choice when it comes to Williston optometry, so we strive to provide comprehensive eye exams, a great selection of glasses, and personalized care.

Williston Optometry Review

I shoot in IDPA pistol matches. With my prescription I was having a hard time getting a crystal clear front sight picture, which is essential to achieving good hits on target. I explained my problem to a different eye doctor who made me up a special pair of shooting glasses. I could see the front sight clearly again! But... out at about 15 yards I couldn't see the holes in the target, I couldn't easily tell where I was hitting. I went back to that eye doctor and he was unable to solve the problem. I was worried I'd have this difficulty forever. Then I made an appointment with Dr. Thomas Clark to see if he could help me.
I explained the problem to Dr. Clark, who nodded. He knew exactly what I was talking about and exactly what the problem was. He assured me he could fix me right up. A week later I picked up my new shooting glasses and went to the range.
Unbelievable! This new prescription worked great! I could see the front sight clearly AND see the hits on target. My accuracy improved noticeably, and I have Dr. Clark to thank for that. So, thanks, Dr. Clark!
I told him I was so impressed with what he had done that I was going send everyone I can to him. Then Dr. Clark asked me, "Oh, are you going to send your competitors to me too?"
And I said, "No, I'm going to send THEM to that OTHER eye doctor!"
-Mike Rock


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Being new to Vermont, I wasn't sure which optometry practice was best for me. I landed at the office of Thomas H. Clark OD after a terrible experience at another optometry office nearby. Dr. Clark and his team have proven to be just what I was looking for. Dr. Clark is an excellent eye doctor and his team provides exemplary service. They offer a good selection of products and their lab turns out excellent high quality lenses that offer the clearest vision correction I have ever had in glasses. Their knowledge, ability, care and professionalism is superior to others that I have found. If you seek vision correction that is spot on, and you value high quality patient care, I recommend a visit to this office in Williston, VT.""