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Soothe Computer Vision Syndrome Through Optometry

We all know the movie and TV trope of the character who works late into the night, eventually taking off his glasses to close his eyes and pinch the bridge of his nose. This is meant to be a sign of fatigue due to hard work in the movie, but in real life, too many people still have to close their eyes and give their tired eyes a break because of computer vision syndrome. This is a collection of symptoms that stems from staring into screens for too long without taking a break. You can overcome computer vision syndrome with the help of our optometrist at Williston Optometry in Williston, VT.


The What and Why of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is most often associated with computer use, hence the name, but it can occur with extended use of any screen. It's a sign that you've been staring into a light source for too long with too few breaks and your eyes are now under strain. Most people have dealt with this at one point or another in a mild form, but for many people, the symptoms become chronic and sometimes severe.

When you stare into a screen, you do two things. First, you often forget to blink, or you reduce how much you blink, leading your eyes drying out. That creates irritation and the sensation that your eyes have debris caught in them, blurriness, and watering. Second, you expose yourself to too much blue light, which may mess with your sleep cycles by making you a little too awake. It might not seem like it when you're nodding off in front of a computer screen, but over time, you can find your sleep being disrupted.

An optometrist can issue a prescription for glasses to you that you can wear when looking at a computer, phone, or tablet screen. This prescription is not the same as a typical nearsighted/farsighted prescription and is meant only for close-up work. These glasses help your eyes focus better on close-up work. Used in combination with a rest protocol in which you look away from your computer and blink at specific intervals, you can reduce the tired, gritty feelings as well as reduce blurriness.

Don't Wait to Treat Computer Vision

Williston Optometry in Williston, VT, has appointments available. If you have been experiencing vision problems that sound like they might be due to staring into screens, call us at 802-760-6682. Don't wait to see if it gets better on its own. Let an optometrist check your eyes and customize a plan for you.


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