Eye Allergies

Even if your vision is great, your eyes can still cause you a world of trouble. Eye allergies are one of the most troublesome non-vision eye problems. The staff at Williston Optometry, serving Williston, VT, can help you with your allergies at our welcoming friendly office.


What Are the Symptoms of Eye Allergy?

Symptoms of eye allergies will often include red, itchy eyes. In addition to this, many people may also experience watering of the eyes. In severe cases, those suffering from eye allergies also experience pain in the eyes and headaches.

An eye allergy can often be caused by the same irritants which cause sneezing, coughing, itchy throat and other upper respiratory allergy symptoms.

What Can I Do about Eye Allergies?

Stay away from known irritants. Once you have identified some of the irritants which contribute to your allergies, stay away from these items. Some common eye allergy irritants are pollen, animal dander, and mold. Keep in mind allergies can also sometimes be caused by cosmetics and even eye drops developed to treat itchy eyes.

If you wear contacts, try taking a break from wearing them and switching to glasses for a few days. Taking a break like this will give your eyes a chance to replenish your natural tears.

In some cases you can get relief from your allergies by using over the counter eye drops. These products will provide moisture to your irritated eyes, but should be used with caution as a negative reaction could worsen the problem.

There are some prescription medications that can also help with allergies. You can speak with an optometrist to find out if this is an option for you.

Using an antihistamine is often very helpful in dealing with allergies which can affect your eyes. If you suffer with seasonal or environmental allergies, this is a great first line of defense.

Avoid rubbing and scratching your eyes. The tissue of the eye is very sensitive and permeable. It is very easy to cause permanent damage to your eyes in this way.

Having regular annual eye checkups is also an important part of your overall eye health. Visiting your optometrists annually will help to lower the risks of eye and vision problems and will help you deal with issues such as allergies.

If you would like to learn more about your vision and eye health, please contact our friendly staff at Williston Optometry, serving Williston, VT.










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