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Eye Exams At Williston Optometry

It is important to get an eye exam every year  ensure you are being provided with proper eye care. If you haven’t been to an Optometry practice in a while, give a call to Williston Optometry to schedule an appointment with our optometrist. We have provided some general information about eye examinations below to better understand not only what they are used for, but why they are beneficial.

How Eye Exams Differ According To Age

Getting an eye exam has a few small differences depending on your age. During the childhood years, different vision charts may be used as not all children are able to identify letters, numbers, or words. Pictures might be used instead. During the elder years, your eyes are checked for diseases and medical conditions that tend to inflict those who are aging. These tests are usually conducted through a physical inspection of the eyes and an assessment of symptoms you are experiencing,

What Eye Exams Screen For

When our optometrist checks your eyes, they will look for structural problems that could cause vision troubles later on. They will make sure you have adequate tears, that your vision is not altered when illumination is present, and that eye diseases are not noticed. If there is a problem, our optometrist will be able to treat it appropriately.

Why It Is Important To Have An Annual Visit

Make sure to have your eyes checked on a yearly basis. This will ensure your vision history is available to look back on should something change with your eyes or the way that you see. It is also important to correct vision problems or eye troubles quickly so they do not become worse.

Schedule An Eye Exam Today!

When you schedule an appointment at Williston Optometry, our team will check your current vision to see if you need a change of prescription. Your eyes are assessed for any alterations from your late appointment, and any possible conditions are treated. If you need to make an appointment, call (802) 862-1947.

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