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Eye Glasses in Williston, Vermont

At Williston Optometry in Vermont, we provide comprehensive eye care and vision services. This includes offering eye exams, eyeglasses, and post-operative care for vision correction surgery. Whether you have never been to an eye doctor or you need to get a new eye glasses prescription, our optometrist has everything you need!

What are the Most Common Types of Lenses for Eye Glasses?

When choosing eyeglasses the right lenses is essential to helping you see clearly in all environments. That is why we offer a polycarbonate lens with UV protection built into the lens. These eyeglass lenses are designed to withstand the toughest conditions at work or play. We also feature progressive lenses that are blended bifocals. This gives you the greatest range with a single pair of eyeglasses.

How Do I Choose the Right Eye Glasses in Williston, Vermont?

Here at Williston Optometry, we help our patients choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses. We focus on the shape of the eyeglasses frames, as well as the color and aesthetics of the glasses. Then we take your prescription and consider your lifestyle to determine the right eyeglasses for you. By fitting your eyeglasses in our office, we ensure you receive the utmost in fit and style for your vision correction solution.

Should I Get Progressive Eye Glasses?

One of the more popular types of eyeglasses we offer is the progressive lenses. With this lens, you get the benefit of bifocal reading glasses within your everyday eyeglasses. This way you only have to carry around and keep track of one pair of eyeglasses for all of your vision needs.

Get Eyeglasses in Williston, VT

If you are ready to take the next step to find the right eyeglasses for your vision correction needs, we are here to assist you. Start with a comprehensive eye exam to determine your current level of care for your vision. Contact our Williston optometrist Dr. Thomas Clark at (802) 862-1947 to schedule your appointment for an eye exam for eye glasses.

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