Everyone needs to take care of their eyes. One of the most important responsibilities of eye care is to ensure everyone has an annual eye exam. During this exam, the eye doctor is going to run several tests. Most people are familiar with the bright light that gets very close to the eyes. This is done to measure the pressure behind the eyes because the doctor is looking for signs of glaucoma. This is a serious eye disease that can lead to major impacts on someone’s vision. Those who are looking for eye care in the Williston area should trust the team at Williston Optometry. We can help individuals with numerous conditions, including glaucoma.

Glaucoma: An Overview of a Serious Vision Disease

Glaucoma is one of the most discussed eye diseases. The eyes are powered by a series of nerves, the most important of which is called the optic nerve. In glaucoma, the nerves that power the eyes are damaged, leading to severe symptoms. These nerves are damaged by high pressure behind the eyes. Glaucoma is typically divided into open angle and closed angle diseases. Both forms of glaucoma are serious and deserve the attention of a trained eye doctor. That is where our experienced team can assist. Anyone with glaucoma needs to receive urgent medical care to preserve their vision.

Trust the Treatment Team at Williston Optometry

Everyone needs to take care of their eyes. This means making sure that any signs and symptoms of glaucoma are caught early. A trained optometrist has the tools and experience necessary to treat a variety of vision conditions, including glaucoma. We have been serving the citizens of the Williston, VT area from day one. We make sure to stay up to date on the latest information in the world of eye care. We do this to make sure we provide the best care for our patients. Please call us today to schedule an appointment. We are here to provide care for you and your family.

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