Hard To Fit Contacts

3 Eye Conditions Requiring Specialty Contacts from Your Williston Optometry Clinic

If you do not have good experiences with traditional soft or hard contact designs, you may need to switch to specialty contacts instead. These contact lenses help address the needs of hard-to-fit patients interested in correcting their vision without the need for eyeglasses. Your eyecare professional at Williston Optometry may consider you a good candidate for these lenses if you have any of the three following conditions.


Astigmatism can make it difficult to wear regular soft and hard contact styles comfortably. This condition also makes it challenging to correct vision properly, as traditional contacts tend to rotate in the eye throughout the day. When traditional lenses rotate on eyes affected by astigmatism, the patient’s vision goes blurry until the contact returns to an optimal position. Specialty contacts adequately correct your vision in every position, making this problem a non-issue.

Dry Eyes

If you have dry eyes, traditional contacts could cause discomfort as they tend to dry out the eyes as well. When your eyes get too dry, the contact lenses could also fail to correct your vision properly. Your Williston optometrist can utilize specialty contacts to overcome this problem and give their patients the vision correction experience they seek.


Keratoconus can cause a weakening of the corneal tissue, often eliminating classic contact lens designs as an option. As the tissue weakens, the structure of the cornea changes from an orb into a cone shape. Specialty contacts overcome these structural differences to optimally correct vision.

Scheduling Your Eyecare Appointment at Your Trusted Williston Optometry Clinic

These three conditions are not the only reasons Williston eyecare professionals utilize specialty lenses, so do not hesitate to reach out if you think you might be a good candidate. Your optometrist at Williston Optometry will assess your vision and eye health to determine if these contact lenses will serve you well. Make an appointment for eyecare services at Williston Optometry with a call to (802) 862-1947.

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