Dr. Thomas H. Clark, O.D.

Dr. Clark is the proud owner of Williston Optometry. He is also an Optometrist in Williston providing complete eye care services for the surrounding communities.

Dr. Clark received his degree from the New England College of Optometry in 1967.

After college, Dr. Clark joined the Army and received a commission of captain. He was stationed at Fort Sam Houston Medical Center in San Antonio Texas and later, Fort Benning Georgia attached to the Martin Army Hospital Optometry clinic. While at Fort Benning he provided services to army personnel and their dependants Performed flight physicals and was an advisor to several national shooting teams stationed at Fort Benning.

Dr. Clark set up practice in Burlington in the fall of 1970 and has been practicing in the area ever since. Dr. Clark also completed an internship at the Gessell Institute of child development at Yale University. Over the years, Dr. Clark has continually attended advanced courses to keep current in the latest developments in contact lens design and fitting, drugs and treatments, sports vision training and lasix surgery advances.
Besides running a general optometry practice, Dr. Clark has been very successful in fitting specialty contact lenses in difficult cases due to injury, keratoconus, etc.

Outside of the office Dr.Clark enjoys hiking, canoeing and flyfishing.

Dr. Marconi, O.D.

Dr Marconi was born in New York City and moved to Vermont in 1995. He now lives in Shelburne with his wife and son.

After graduating from SUNY: State College of Optometry in 1985, Dr Marconi practiced in a variety of settings and established his own successful practice in Queens, NY, in 1989 with a classmate. He practiced there for five years until moving to Vermont. Since moving to Vermont he had his own private practice as well as practiced in other offices part-time.

Dr. Marconi joined the Williston Optometry practice two years ago. He’s been practicing optometry for over thirty five years. He has extensive experience with contact lens fitting, evaluating the focusing system including training in special biofeedback techniques of the focusing system to enhance its functioning, training in ocular therapeutics and diagnostic examination of the health of the eye. He especially enjoys challenging spectacle prescription evaluations.

When not practicing optometry he enjoys reading, writing, historical and cultural research, chess, cooking and visiting with friends and family.