Pink Eye

Pink Eye, or it’s medical term, conjunctivitis, is a condition that causes discomfort to those who have it. If you believe you are currently dealing with pink eye, contact Williston Optometry in Williston to meet with our optometry team. Here are the signs of pink eye, how to avoid spreading it if you have it, and what our optometrist can do to treat it.

The Signs You Have Pink Eye

If you have pink eye, you will likely have several symptoms indicating medical treatment is needed. Someone with pink eye may notice that they are dealing with light sensitivity because of their condition. In most cases, pink eye causes itchiness and discomfort of the eyes. You may notice a discharge coming out of the eyes yellowish or clear in color. This discharge usually crusts up at night when you sleep. When you awaken, your eyes may be crusted shut and you will need to use a warm, wet compress upon them to loosen dried discharge effectively.

How To Avoid Spreading Pink Eye

Pink eye is extremely contagious, Because of this, it is best to remain home from work or school until you can obtain mediation treating the condition. Do not share any items that are placed near the eyes such as contact lenses or cosmetics. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently to avoid spreading the virus around your home. Do not use your fingers to rub at your eyes even if they feel itchy. Instead, use a washcloth dipped in warm water and rinse it well after use. If you only have pink eye in one eye, do not use this cloth on your other eye or the condition will spread.

What Our Optometry Team Will Do To Help

Getting medical treatment for pink eye is necessary to ensure it does not spread from person to person. Our optometrist will assess your condition and ask you about the symptoms you are suffering from. They will conduct a detailed examination and determine whether your symptoms are indeed caused by pink eye. If so, you will be given proper medication to treat the condition quickly. Our optometrist will provide you with recommendations on how to alleviate any discomfort you experience as you wait for your medication to take effect. You may need to come back to our practice for a follow-up appointment to ensure the condition has been completely treated.

If you are dealing with pink eye, getting optometry care is necessary to alleviate discomfort and to stop the condition from spreading. Contact Williston Optometry in Williston to make an appointment with our optometrist for an evaluation. Call us at (802) 862-1947 for more information about our services.

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